Zeroshiki Zerozaki (零崎 零識, Zerozaki Zeroshiki), also known as Ultimate (究極, Kyūkyoku), is a former member of the Zerozaki Clan and the father of Soushiki Zerozaki and Hitoshiki Zerozaki


Zeroshiki seems to be a stoic and serious man, a fitting counterpart to his wife. Even so, based on the respect Soushiki had for him, he appears to have been a good father. Like his son, he was a smoker.


Zeroshiki was a tall, middle-aged man with short, white hair. He had a stubble on his chin and wore sunglasses. He wore a long coat, under which he had a shirt. He also wore black pants and boots.


Zeroshiki and Hataori Zerozaki discovered the amnesiac and starving Soushiki in some unspecified location, and took him in as a part of the Zerozaki Clan.

After giving birth, the two died and left their newborn child Hitoshiki in their other son's care.


  • Zeroshiki's first name can be translated to "knowing zero" (零, Zero = Zero; 識, Shiki = Know).


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