Yumiya Sawarabi (早蕨 弓矢, Sawarabi Yumiya) is a member of the Sawarabi Family, a branch family of the Niounomiya Family, and the youngest of the three Sawarabi siblings.


Yumiya was a timid and kind-hearted girl, traits that didn't work well with her profession as a hitman. She never wanted to be a killer, and was always feeling crushed by the regret, so when she was dying, she told her brother Naguma Sawarabi that she is glad she doesn't have to kill anymore.

She is in love with her older brother Hawatari Sawarabi, and always worries that she will drag him down. She feels inferior and incompetent to her two siblings, even though it is clear the three perform wonderfully as a team.


Yumiya has long black hair flowing to her ankles, tied in braids on the sides of her head, with bangs parted to the left. Like her brother Naguma, she wears a hakama, although hers is red with pale green sleeves, and red fingerless gloves that go to her elbows. She also wears a pair of glasses.

In the manga she wears something more resembling a kimono, and doesn't have her glasses.


he Sawarabi siblings were born into a family of hitmen, and so they have been killing for their whole lives. They were often laughed at for being "three in one", as other assassins thought they weren't worth anything on their own. But, even so, the three's skills and teamwork were undeniable, having been able to defeat very strong opponents using them.

One day, while their older brother was away, Naguma and Yumiya were attacked by Izumu Niounomiya, who entered the Sawarabi family grounds on the orders of Takashi Saitou. The two were overwhelmed by Izumu, and just as he was about to finish them off, Izumu's fighting time ran out, and he told Naguma how lucky he is to be able to spend time with his little sister, before leaving.

Later, while Hawatari was out on a job, Hitoshiki Zerozaki invaded the Sawarabi House, and killed Yumiya in a fight before leaving. After that, Naguma and his brother began their attack on the Zerozaki Clan.