Yuma Shisei (市井 遊馬, Shisei Yuma) is a former teacher at Sumiyuri Private Academy, as well as the former master of Ichihime Yukariki.


Yuma is a fairly kind person, since she made Ichihime promise her that she wouldn't use her Zig Zag ability in order to kill people.


Yuma has short black hair with long sideburns, and wears glasses, a black suit over a white shirt, with a thin black bow tie.


Jun A

Photo of Yuma and a young Ichihime Yukariki

ikawa She, along with, saved a 12-year-old Ichihime from an incident, and then Yuma began training Ichihime in order for her to become a master String User, and join Sumiyuri Private Academy, where she was teaching at the time.


Hanging High SchoolEdit

When I asks Ichihime about her strings, she tells him that a third-year student named Yuma Shisei, nicknamed Zig Zag, is a master at fighting with string, in order to hide that she is Zig Zag herself.

Kishishiki Zerozaki's Human KnockEdit


String User: Yuma Shisei is a master at fighting using string.