Tomoe Emoto (江本 智恵, Emoto Tomoe) is a student at Rokumeikan Private University and a friend of Mikoko Aoii.


Tomoe likes shiny things and becomes a kissing maniac when drunk. She has an inferiority complex which makes her see Mikoko as an ideal being. Much like I, she is a "Defective Product", and for that reason I was interested in learning more about her. She never opened up to any of her friends with her real feelings.


Tomoe is a petite girl with twin tails. She wears a strawberry patterned dress.


Tomoe stayed in the hospital for a long time during middle school, so she was held back for a year. She became friends with Mikoko in high school.


Strangulation RomanticistEdit

I was invited to her birthday by Mikoko, along with Muimi Atemiya and Akiharu Usami. Figuring that I would be interested in Tomoe because of their similarity, Mikoko killed her in order to prevent them from becoming close. While I was tying his shoes, Mikoko strangled her.


  • Tomoe's last name, Emoto, is written with the characters for "creek" and "book" (江, E = Creek; 本, Moto = Book).
  • Tomoe's first name is written with the characters for "wisdom" and "kindness" (智, Tomo = Wisdom, Intellect, Reason; 恵, E = Kindness, Grace, Blessing).
  • Tomoe's full name is a palindrome in Japanese, as it is written the same forward and backwards (え も と と も え, E Mo To To Mo E).


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