Teruko Chiga (千賀 てる子, Chiga Teruko) is the youngest of the triplets who work as maids for Iria Akagami on Wet Crow's Feather Island. She is Iria's bodyguard.


Teruko rarely talks, but if she opens her mouth, only lies come out.


As triplets, Teruko is identical in appearance to her sisters Akari Chiga and Hikari Chiga, though she is the only triplet who wears glasses.


Teruko once defeated the notorious Kishishiki Zerozaki wearing an iron mask, so became known as the "Masked Maid".


The Beheading CycleEdit

At dinner on I's third day on the island, all twelve residents gather together to eat.[1]


Martial Arts Expert: Iria's bodyguard, Teruko has superior fighting skill (to quote Hikari, she is "Invincible at short range").


  • The maids' surname, Chiga, is presumed to be a play on "blood is", which is then followed by their names, all of which are a play on "light".


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