Team, also known by other names like Cluster and Homies, was a group of hackers with no formal name, led by Tomo Kunagisa. In the time they were active, they controlled most of the technological field. Their goals or the reason they came together is unknown. They operated in the time I was studying at the ER3 System, and by the time he returned to Japan they had already disbanded. In present day, they are treated as some sort of urban legend, with only a few individuals actually knowing of their existence.


Every member of Team was considered a slave, with Tomo as a Tyrant. They all, for their own different reasons, had an insane devotion to her, and would have given their lives if she simply asked.

The only real rule of Team was that the members would never reveal information about each other to anyone else.


Gaisuke Utsurigi - Criminal Judge Green Green Green (Malignant Bacteria)

Suzu Hinemosu - Consigned Stillness Double Flick (Double-Layered World)

Seigo GotodorokiScornful Compatriot Reverse Cross (Night-Travel Crime)

Mutsuki Munefuyu - Clamoring Bloodshot Eyes Cubic Loop (Infinite Three-Dimension)

Hakuraku Nadekiri - Disheartened Parting Gift Dancing with Madness (Dancing Wildly)

Hyou Ayanami - Spinning Suzuki Cheetah (Wild Beast)

Kishiki Shikigishi - Squirming Ruination Bad Kind (City)

Touno Shigai - Resurrecting Debasement Trigger-Happy End (Corpse)

Tomo Kunagisa - Walking Wrath Dead Blue (Blue Verge of Death)