Sasaki Sasa (佐々 沙咲, Sasa Sasaki) is a member of the Kyoto Police Force and a friend of Jun Aikawa.


Sasa is a serious and business-centered individual. She is smart and very shrewd, being able to trick I into telling her what information she needed when she interrogated him. That being said, she does have empathy, shown in how she treated I after he discovered Mikoko Aoii's corpse.



Sasaki Sasa in the Ningen Series cards

Sasa is a normal-looking woman with grey eyes and short brown hair in a bob haircut. She wears a black suit jacket over a white shirt, black suit pants, and white high-heeled shoes.


Strangulation RomanticistEdit

After Tomoe Emoto's murder, she and her partner, Kazuhito Ikaruga, interrogated I about it.

She called Jun Aikawa to stop Hitoshiki Zerozaki's rampage. Later, she escorted I to the station after he called the police because of Mikoko's murder. She questions him about the killing, and then lets him go.

The last time I and Sasa interact is in a phone call in which she informs I about Akiharu Usami's death.