Rizumu Niounomiya (匂宮 理澄, Niōnomiya Rizumu), also known as Carnival(Cannibal) (人喰い(カーニバル) , Hitokui(Kānibaru) ), is a great detective, a member of the Niounomiya Troupe, and the split personality/younger sister of Izumu Niounomiya, as well as a former member of the Thirteen Stairs.

Of the two man hitman team, her unintended role is named Field Work(Survey) (調査(フィールドワーク) , Chōsa(Fīrudo Ūku) ).


Rizumu has a bubbly, innocent and light-hearted personality. She often falls asleep in the middle of the road, which makes her pretty defenseless. She is a naive girl, as she never realized that Kasuga Kasugai stole her money, which made I very remorseful when interacting with her, but also because she never realized that her brother is inside her mind. She calls people she meets for the first time "big brother" or "big sister". As for Takashi Saitou, she calls him "Kitsune-san".


Rizumu has long, straight, black hair, and yellowish green eyes. She wears a pair of glasses with green rims, a bandage on her head and all over her legs, a large black and red manteau that covers Izumu's straitjacket, and green high heeled shoes.


Rizumu's split personality is the result of Professor Motsure Kitsuregawa's research.

She was a member of Takashi Saitou's Thirteen Stairs.


Cannibal MagicalEdit


Split Personality: While Rizumu, unlike her brother, has no killing ability, her role in the Niounomiya Troupe is very important, as she acts like an unaware mole for the pair, uncounciously gathering information from a target, as well as acting like an emotional attachment to said target. The information gathered is remembered by Izumu, who can then devise the best killing strategy. Rizumu also acts as an enhancer for her brother, harboring all of his emotional weaknesses so he may be able to focus only on killing.


  • Niounomiya comes from the name of the character Nio no Miya in the story Genji Monogatari by Murasaki Shikibu.
  • Rizumu's first name can be translated as "clear logic" (理, Ri = Logic, Reason, Truth; 澄, Tsumu = Lucidity, Be Clear, Clarify).
  • Rizumu is also the Japanese pronounciation of the word Rhythm (リズム, Rizumu).


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