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The Niounomiya Troupe (匂宮雑技団, Niōnomiya Zatsugidan), also known as the Hitmen (殺し屋, Koroshiya), is the most powerful assassin clan, being the first of the Killing Names. They are hitmen who kill under contract. They have special techniques for killing, which have made people associate them with magicians. Their opposing Cursing Name is the Tokinomiya Hospital.


The Niounomiya are composed of the main family, as well as 53 branch families, all named after chapters of Genji Monogatari by Murasaki Shikibu. The known families are the Sawarabi Family (早蕨分家, Sawarabi Bunke), Agemaki Family (総角分家, Agemaki Bunke), Miotsukushi Family (澪標分家, Miotsukushi Bunke) and Wakamurasaki Family (若紫分家, Wakamurasaki Bunke).


Main Family[]

  • Fragment

Sawarabi Family[]

Agemaki Family[]

  • Saera Agemaki
  • Paresu Agemaki
  • Roudo Agemaki

Miotsukushi Family[]

  • Misora Miotsukushi
  • Takami Miotsukushi

Wakamurasaki Family[]

  • Waka Wakamurasaki