Nao Kunagisa (玖渚 直, Kunagisa Nao) is the older brother of Tomo Kunagisa.

Personality Edit

Nao has a well-rounded personality that appeals to people around him, completely different to his little sister. He has a sister complex.

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Nao has short, dark blue hair with light blue strands on the left, similar in color to his sister's hair, and blue eyes.

He wears a white shirt, with a light blue coat flowing down to his feet over it. He also wears a pair of white pants that go down to his calfs, and some white shoes.

History Edit

When Tomo went to Kyouichirou Shadou's Laboratory, Nao accompanied her, and his comments about Kyouichirou's inferiority to her helped in driving the proffessor to madness.

When I first met Nao, he, his sister, and Douji Kasumioka were an inseparable trio.

Later, he started working as the secretary to his father, the leader of the Kunagisa Organization.

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  • Nao's first name can mean "straightaway", "frankness" or "repair".
  • Nao's last name is written with the characters for "nine" and "beach" (玖, Ku = Nine; 渚, Nagisa = Beach). The formal character for nine is used (as opposed to the regular 九), as with all the other families of the "Politics" World.

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