Naguma Sawarabi (早蕨 薙真, Sawarabi Naguma) is a member of the Sawarabi Family, a branch family of the Niounomiya Family, and the middle child of the three Sawarabi siblings.


After his little sister's death, Naguma became extremely angry at the Zerozaki Clan, trying his hardest to destroy them in order to get revenge.

Naguma has always believed that he has never had a choice to make in his life, being born in a family of hitmen, and constantly criticizes Iori Mutou for running away from her choices. After his final fight with her, he realizes that he too was using his family situation as an excuse, and resolves himself to stop being a hitman after getting his revenge.


Naguma looks identical to his older brother, Hawatari, a fact which he often uses to his advantage. The two wear completely opposite attire in order to be able to easily "switch".

Naguma has long black hair tied in a ponytail, blue eyes with round glasses over them. He wears a green Hakama, with green gloves that go to his elbows.



Naguma and Yumya verus Izumu Niounomiya

The Sawarabi siblings were born into a family of hitmen, and so they have been killing for their whole lives. They were often laughed at for being "three in one", as other assassins thought they weren't worth anything on their own. But, even so, the three's skills and teamwork were undeniable, having been able to defeat very strong opponents using them.

One day, while their older brother was away, Naguma and Yumiya were attacked by Izumu Niounomiya, who entered the Sawarabi family grounds on the orders of Takashi Saitou. The two were overwhelmed by Izumu, and just as he was about to finish them off, Izumu's fighting time ran out, and he told Naguma how lucky he is to be able to spend time with his little sister, before leaving.

Later, while Hawatari was out on a job, Hitoshiki Zerozaki invaded the Sawarabi House, and killed Yumiya in a fight before leaving. After that, Naguma and his brother began their attack on the Zerozaki Clan.


Soushiki Zerozaki's Human ExperimentEdit