Magokoro Omokage (想影 真心, Omokage Magokoro), also known as Humanity's Last (人類最終, Jinrui Saishū) or The Orange Seed (橙なる種, Daidainaru Shu), is a good friend of I, a member of the Thirteen Stairs, and the grand-daughter of Takashi Saitou.


One of the few people who know I's real name. A bright and innocent girl. After being defeated by Jun Aikawa, she developed a rivalry relationship with her.


Magokoro has long orange hair, tied in braids. She has orange eyes, and big eyebrows. She wears a short black yukata with flame and firework patterns, tiend with a white obi with flames and a sun on it. She has a black kitsune mask with an orange sun on it that usually obscures her face.

Another outfit of hers is a black maid outfit and a white apron with red flames on it.


In Takashi Saitou's experiment to create the strongest human, after Jun Aikawa was deemed a failed project, his colleagues continued the project and created Magokoro.

While at the ER3 System, several experiments were conducted on her, and her body was set on fire.


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Humanity's Final Existence: As the successful subject in Takashi Saitou's experiment, she is even stronger than Jun Aikawa, who was deemed a failure.


  • Magokoro's first name means "sincerity" (真, Ma = True, Reality; 心, Kokoro = Heart, Mind, Spirit; 真心, Magokoro = Sincerity, Devotion, True Heart).
  • Magokoro's last name, Omokage, is written with the characters for "concept" and "shadow" (想, Omo = Concept, Idea, Thought; 影, Kage = Shadow, Silhouette, Phantom).


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