Magashiki Zerozaki (零崎 曲識, Zerozaki Magashiki) is one of the three "Heavenly Zerozaki KIngs" of the Zerozaki Clan


He is the only "vegetarian" of the Zerozaki Clan as he doesn't kill without discrimination. He is in love with Jun Aikawa.


Magashiki is a tall and effeminate young man with violet eyes and dark purple long hair that flows to his waist, except for a small ponytail tied up with jewlery.

He wears a white tailcoat with white pants, white gloves and a purple cravat.

When he was young he had his shorter hair completely in a ponytail, and had a purple tailcoat with a black bowtie and white gloves. After that, he wore his short hair in a bob cut and wore a black tailcoat with a white bowtie and white gloves...



Magashiki Zerozaki's Human CharacterEdit


Sound User: He can control the minds of his foes by orchestrating music with any instrument or with his voice.

Zerozaki Killing Mentality: Even though he is a part of the Zerozaki, he doesn't kill without discrimination, showing that he can control the killing drive very well.


  • Magashiki's first name can be translated to "knowing melody" or "knowing calamity" (曲, Maga = Melody, Music, Disaster, Evil; 識, Shiki = Know), in an obvious reference to him being a musician.