According to Tomo Kunagisa's explanation, the world of Zaregoto is divided into four separate territories.

The "Outer" WorldEdit

(The Word of Peace and War)

The normal side of the world. The holder of the highest mediocrity.

  • The Antique Apartment: The apartment which I lives in. The real name of this place is unknown, as I is the only one who calls it the Antique Apartment. Existed before the Meiji period. Made mainly of wood, has three stories, four-mat rooms with horrible sound insulation, bare light bulbs, a shared toilet, and no bath; yet the rent is 10,000 yen per month.
  • Rokumeikan Private University: The university that I attends. It is located in Kinugasa, in the Kita Ward of Kyoto.

The "Economical" WorldEdit

(The Four Gods and One Mirror, <RULE>)

The holder of the strongest economical powers of the world. The closest to The "Outer" World.

The "Economical" World consists of five major plutocrats: "Akagami" (赤神), "Iigami" (謂神), "Ujigami" (氏神), "Ekagami" (絵鏡 ), and "Origami" (檻神). Together, they are called the "Four Gods and One Mirror" (四神一鏡).

  • Wet Crow's Feather Island: The property of the Akagami Foundation. In Russian, the island's name means "The End of Despair". The island serves to keep the exiled heiress Iria Akagami away from the rest of the world. It has become a saloon when geniuses to gather at the invitation of Iria.

The "Politics" WorldEdit

(The Kunagisa Organization)

The holder of the strongest ruling powers of the world, and one of the few Zaibatsu that still exist in Japan.

There are seven families under the Kunagisa organization who, together, control the world. These are "Ichigai" (壱外), "Nishiori" (弐栞), "Sanzaka" (参榊), "Shikabane" (肆屍), "Gotoride" (伍砦), "Rokukase" (陸枷), and lastly "Hachikiri" (捌限).

The names of each family start with a number up to nine, with seven (柒) absent. It is mentioned that the seventh family is a special group working directly on the orders of the Kunagisa Organization.

The "Violence" WorldEdit

(The Murdering Name, The Cursing Name)

The holder of all unusual, heterodoxy, special powers of the world. A world with no order, only lawless massacre.

The Killing Names consists of seven families: "Niounomiya" (匂宮), "Yamiguchi" (闇口), "Zerozaki" (零崎), "Susukino" (薄野), "Hakamori" (墓森), "Tenbuki" (天吹), "Ishinagi" (石凪). The sequence starts with the strongest. These families possess incredibly ridiculous killing abilities.

The Cursing Names consists of six families: "Tokinomiya" (時宮), "Tsumiguchi" (罪口), "Kino" (奇野), "Nukumori" (拭森), "Shibugi" (死吹), "Toganagi" (咎凪). The sequence starts with the strongest. These families refuse any physical battle, but the deaths caused by them are no less than those of the Killing Names. They attack their enemies through abnormal methods such as hypnotism, poison, and other ways; to defeat their enemies, they will not hesitate to deceive their allies as well.

Every family has an opposing side in the different Names. For example, Niounomiya's opposing family is Tokinomiya (the second kanji in their names are the same). The only exception is the Zerozaki Clan.