Kyouichirou Shadou (斜道 卿壱郎, Shadou Kyouichirou) is a famous researcher who leads his own lab funded by the Kunagisa Syndicate.


Shadou has a very intense and arrogant personality, only cares about achieving his own goals, and becomes very abusive when he gets angry. He has little regard for human life, seen in the fact that he blackmailed Gaisuke Utsurigi in order to use him as a test subject, and later intended to do the same to Tomo Kunagisa.

These negative traits were born from the humiliation Kunagisa made him feel when she unintentionally mocked him by saying she could finish his life research in a few hours if she didn't try very hard. This made him abandon Artificial Intelligence research and start his project to create an Ultra Humanoid Dogma (Super Abnormal Human Construct).

When both his test subjects escaped out of his hands, he mentally shut down.


Shadou is an old man with a relatively young looking face and longish white hair. He wears a white lab coat over a black shirt and carries around with him a decorated cane.


When Kunagisa was twelve years old, she, along with her brother Nao Kunagisa, visited Shadou's laboratory, which was located elsewhere at the time. When she saw Shadou's A.I research, which he dedicated his life to, she innocently commented that she could finish that in about 2 hours, and Nao continued by telling him that he is on a far lower level than her. Humiliated, he quit A.I and moved his lab in the mountains, where he invited many talented researchers.


  • Shadou's last name can be translated as "diagonal road-way" or "diagonal morals" (斜, Sha = Diagonal, Slanted, Oblique; 道, Dou = Road-Way, Street, Moral, Teachings).
  • Kyouichirou, his first name, is written with the characters for "lord", and "first son" (卿, Kyo = Lord, State Minister; 壱, Ichi = One; 郎, Rou = Son).
  • His last name is the same as the Japanese pronounciation for Shadow (シャドウ, Shadou)


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