Kokoromi Myoshi (三好 心視, Myoshi Kokoromi) is an employee at Kyouichirou Shadou's Laboratory and a former teacher at the ER3 System.


Kokoromi speaks in a casual manner, and often mocks I. While teaching at the ER3 System, she was brutal to the students, often using phisical violence on them for no real reason. Almost all Japanese students dropped out, I being one of the few that remained, although he dropped out later after Kokoromi left.

Kokoromi is only after her own goals, and doesn't care very much about other people. She betrays Kyouichirou Shadou and helps I out, showing that perhaps she does care about her student a little, although I thinks she just had no use left for the professor.

Kokoromi is a genius who got a degree in biology by the time she would have been in middle school.


Kokoromi is a small woman with a childish face who could pass for a middle-schooler. She has darker skin, short blonde hair, and large round glasses. She wears an oversized lab coat over a brown striped sweater and wears shorts with stockings under them.


She taught at the ER3 System while I was there, but left before him, despite the difficulty to do so without being killed, and later became employed at Kyouichirou Shadou's Laboratory.


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Dissection Expert: Kokoromi is primarily a biologist, and she loves to dissect things, being called by I a "Pervert DIssection Maniac".


  • Kokoromi's last name, Miyoshi, is written with the characters for "three" and "pleasing" (三, Mi = Three; 好, Yoshi = Fond, Pleasing).
  • Kokoromi's first name is written with the characters for "heart" and "inspection" (心, Kokoro = Heart; 視, Mi = Inspection, Look At, See). This is most likely in reference to her passion for dissecting things, particularly humans.
  • Kokoromi shares her last name with the Miyoshi Clan, a Japanese family descended from Emperor Seiwa.