Kishishiki Zerozaki's Human Knock (零崎軋識の人間ノック, Zerozaki Kishishiki no Ningen Knock) is the second book in the Ningen light novel series.


Third in the ranking of the Killing Names of the underground assassin community, the Zerozaki Clan is infamous for their indomitable family unity. Each of its members exhibit combat prowess when it comes to saving one of their kin. Kishishiki Zerozaki is one member of the Zerozaki family, and he utilizes a bat covered in nails to brutally murder his targets. He calls his weapon the Praise of Folly (Seamless Pious). His next target was supposed to be an ordinary one, just another day for him. He faces a problem when he discovers that he has become prey to a formidable enemy.


Story 1: Sniper Onslaught

Story 2: Split Tongue Sparrow Mountain Showdown (Part 1)

Story 2: Split Tongue Sparrow Mountain Showdown (Part 2)

Story 3: Legendary Contractor


Name Description
Kishishiki ZerozakiCutthroat Murderer.
Hitoshiki ZerozakiCutthroat Murderer.
Soushiki ZerozakiCutthroat Murderer.
Magashiki ZerozakiCutthroat Murderer.
Shiogi HagiharaStrategist.
Tamamo SaijouBeserker.
Yuma ShiseiZig Zag.
Iria AkagamiMistress.
Odette AkagamiMistress.
Akari ChigaMaid.
Hikari ChigaMaid.
Teruko ChigaMaid.
Izumu NiounomiyaHitman.
Nureginu YamiguchiAssassin.
Hyoui YamiguchiAssassin.
Moeta IshinagiReaper.
Jun AikawaHumanity's Strongest.
TyrantLittle Girl.



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