Kasuga Kasugai (春日井 春日, Kasugai Kasuga) is an employee at Kyouichirou Shadou's Laboratory.


Kasuga speaks without any intonation, like she doesn't use any punctuation. She is seductive towards I, and even asks him to have sex with her the first time they talk, although he refuses.

Kasuga doesn't have any goals, determination or morals, and she follows Kyouichirou Shadou's orders for no real reason, but simply because it's the same whether she does or doesn't.

After she and I began living together, she began to make fun of him a lot, making him often reluctantly play the straight man.


Kasuga is a normal looking woman with short hair, and wears a lab coat like the other scientists at Kyouichirou Shadou's Laboratory, over a dress that goes to her knees, with vertical stripes. She also wears a whistle around her neck, and high-heeled shoes.



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After the events that occured at Kyouichirou Shadou's Laboratory, the place shut its doors and Kasuga was left out of a job. And so, she started living with I.

One day, while she was out on a walk, she found Rizumu Niounomiya passed out next to a road. Having noticed her wearing a straitjacket, she became interested in her, and dragged her back to I's house (not before stealing her wallet). When I comes back, Kasuga treats him to sushi she ordered with Rizumu's money.


  • Kasuga's first name means "spring day" (春, Kasu = Spring; 日, Ka = Day, Sun).
  • Kasuga's last name, Kasugai, is written with the characters for "spring day" and "town" (春, Kasu = Spring; 日, Ka = Day, Sun; 井, I = Town, Well).


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