Izumu Niounomiya (匂宮 出夢, Niōnomiya Izumu), also known as Man Eater(Cannibal) (人喰い(マンイーター) , Hitokui(Man Ītā) ) is a the strongest hitman of the Niounomiya Troupe and the split personality/older brother of Rizumu Niounomiya.

Of the two man hitman team, his role is called Killing Field(Slaughter) (殺戮(キリングフィールド) , Satsuriku(Kiringu Fīrudo) ).


Izumu is a good friend and rival of Hitoshiki Zerozaki. He thinks fighting with hands is boring, so he wears a straitjacket as a fashion statement.

Has a stubborn personality, refusing to let Tamamo Saijou live, even after the girl was totally incapacitated, causing a fight between Izumu and Hitoshiki, who wanted to save her. He is also a big siscon, even though he cannot talk to his sister, as only one of them can be awake at a time.


Izumu has a female body, with long, straight, black hair, and yellowish green eyes. He wears glasses with green rims on his forehead, and wears a green straitjacket, and green high heeled shoes.


Izumu's shared personality with his sister, as well as his overwhelming strength, are results of the research conducted by Motsure Kitsuregawa.

Izumu killed Hitoshiki's entire class, causing him to drop out of middle school.


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Overwhelming Strength: Izumu is the most powerful hitman of the Niounomiya Troupe, the strongest of the Killing Names. He can easily overwhelm the strongest assassins of the Sawarabi Branch Family.


  • Niounomiya comes from the name of the character Nio no Miya in the story Genji Monogatari by Murasaki Shikibu.
  • Izumu, his first name, can be translated as "exiting an illusion" (出, I = Leave, Exit; 夢, Tsumu = Dream, Vision, Illusion), and is usually a female name.


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