Iria Akagami (赤神 イリア, Akagami Iria) is the heiress of the Akagami Foundation, exiled to Wet Crow's Feather Island.


Iria is fairly immature emotionally and is not the worldliest person. She has an unshakable trust towards Jun Aikawa.[1] She supposedly has D.L.L.R Syndrome (a sickness that makes people want to kill), though this is later shown to be a lie.


Iria looks young, making her age hard to guess.[1] She wears her black hair in a roll, and wears expensive dresses. I considers her a classy woman.


Iria was raised as the princess of the Akagami Foundation, but was exiled to Wet Crow's Feather Island at the age of sixteen. She spent the next five years inviting geniuses to the island to keep herself entertained.[1]


The Beheading CycleEdit

At dinner on I's third day on the island, all twelve residents gather together to eat. Iria announces that Aikawa will be coming to the island in one week. She is amused, both by Kanami Ibuki's and Akane Sonoyama's argument, and Maki Himena's vague comments.[1]


  • Iria's name comes from the Iliad, while her sister Odessa's name is from the Odyssey, both works by Homer.


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