Hawatari Sawarabi (早蕨 刃渡, Sawarabi Hawatari) is a member of the Sawarabi Family, a branch family of the Niounomiya Family, and the oldest of the three Sawarabi siblings.


Hawatari has a calm and serious personality, not talking very much. He often says that he cast away his family, and that he does not care about them very much, justifying the attack on the Zerozaki Clan as an attempt to elevate the Sawarabi Family as one of the Murdering Names. However, in reality, Hawatari does actually care for his siblings quite a lot, having refused Takashi Saitou's invitation to become one of the Thirteen Stairs in order to not leave Naguma and Yumiya alone.


Hawatari looks identical to his younger brother, Naguma, a fact which he often uses to his advantage. The two wear completely opposite attire in order to be able to easily "switch".

Hawatari has long black hair that he ties in a ponytail. He wears a purple hat, sunglasses, a yellow sleeveless jacket, brown shorts and boots.



Takashi inviting Hawatari

The Sawarabi siblings were born into a family of hitmen, and so they have been killing for their whole lives. They were often laughed at for being "three in one", as other assassins thought they weren't worth anything on their own. But, even so, the three's skills and teamwork were undeniable, having been able to defeat very strong opponents using them.

While on a job, Hawatari became part of a team that included Izumu Niounomiya of the main family. There, he witnessed their true power.

While on a job, Hawatari came face to face with Takashi Saitou, who invited him to become a part of his organization. He revealed that he was behind Izumu's attack of his siblings, in order to test them, and told him that he deserves better than to just be some assassin of a branch family. Hawatari refused the offer.

Later, he found out that Hitoshiki Zerozaki killed his little sister while he was on the job. This prompted their plans to crush the Zerozaki.


Soushiki Zerozaki's Human ExperimentEdit