Hataori Zerozaki (零崎 機織, Zerozaki Hataori) is a former member of the Zerozaki Clan and the mother of Soushiki Zerozaki and Hitoshiki Zerozaki.


Hataori seems to be a happy-go-lucky and easygoing woman, a fitting counterpart to her husband. She was a kind mother to Soushiki, and when he was unsure of his ability to raise his brother, she comforted him, telling him that he will figure it out in due time.


Hataori is was small woman with short black hair. She always wore a black hat that covers her eyes. She also wore a patterned dress that went to her knees, and also black shoes. She carried around with her a basket full of flowers.


Zeroshiki Zerozaki and Hataori discovered the amnesiac and starving Soushiki in some unspecified location, and took him in as a part of the Zerozaki Clan.

After giving birth, the two died and left their newborn child Hitoshiki in their other son's care.


  • Hataori's first name can be translated to "woven mechanism" or "woven opportunity" (機, Hata = Machine, Mechanism, Opportunity, Occasion; 織, Ori = Weave, Fabric).