Hanging High School: The Nonsense Bearer's Pupil (クビツリハイスクール 戯言遣いの弟子, Kubitsuri Hai Sukūru: Zaregoto Tsukai no Deshi) is the third book in the Zaregoto light novel series. In English, it is titled Suspension: Kubitsuri High School (The Nonsense User's Disciple).


"My job this time around is to free a student named Yukariki Ichihime from her academy."

"To 'free' her...the way you phrase it makes it sound almost as if the academy's imprisoning that girl, doesn't it?"

Conceding to a strange request from Humanity's Strongest Contractor Aikawa Jun, "I" aka "Nonsense Bearer Ii-chan" has infiltrated Sumiyuri Private Academy, better known as "Hanging High School", and inadvertently plunged himself straight into a veritable tempest of slaughter.

The definitive work of a new generation, the Zaregoto Series.

If you haven't read these revolutionary novels, then just what have you been reading?



Act One - The Farce Begins

Act Two - Iron Fence

Act Three - Hanging High School

Act Four - Piercing Darkness

Act Five - Re-Double-Crossed Fidelity

Act Six - Extreme Death

Act Seven - Brilliant Red Judgement

After the Curtain - The Honor of the Lily-of-the-Valley


Name Description
Jun AikawaContractor
Ichihime YukarikiClient
Me (narrator)Protagonist
Yuma ShiseiZig Zag
Shiogi HagiharaStrategist
Tamamo SaijouYamitsuki (Piercing Darkness)
Noa OrigamiDean



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