Akane Sonoyama (園山 赤音, Sonoyama Akane) is a genius scholar and one of the Seven Fools in the ER3 System.


Akane was raised outside of Japan, so she is bad at yojijukugo, but is very proud of her math and English abilities. Has an easy going sense of humor, smokes, and is very anti-feminist. Akane despises painters, considering them worse than thieves and rapists. For this reason, she hates Kanami Ibuki. Akane considers the second smartest person in the ER3 System to be Fraulein Love, and the smartest to be Assistant Professor Hewlett.[1]


Akane has straight black hair, and is tall for a woman with a slender body.


Akane atttended a normal public high school, where she did karate. She severed her ties with her family when she left Japan to join the ER3 System. She became the first Japanese woman to enter the Seven Fools, and in her twenties.[1]

Champion of a karate tournament.


The Beheading CycleEdit

On the morning of I's third day on the island, Akane meets him at breakfast. She steals his risotto balls, and the two discuss the ER3 System. She invites I to play shogi with her later in the day. When he does come, she thoroughly trounces him in seven games, even playing with a handicap. At dinnertime, all twelve residents of the island gather together to eat. When she begins arguing with Kanami, Tomo Kunagisa puts a stop to their fighting.[1]


Karate Expert: Akane was a member of the girl's karate club at her high school.[1]


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